The Bone and Soft Tissue Oncology Program's Tumor Board

The program holds a multidisciplinary sarcoma tumor board on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.


The board consists of members of the Bone & Soft Tissue Oncology team, including surgical oncologists, orthopaedic oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists (both adult and pediatric), a musculoskeletal radiologist, and a surgical pathologist.


To make a referral to UNC Lineberger's Bone and Soft Tissue Oncology Program, contact the program's nurse navigator, Tammy Allred, RN, OCN at or 919-966-1669.


Related Research in the Davis Lab

Sarcomas are frequently characterized by specific chromosomal rearrangements that alter genes that regulate gene expression. Using high throughput genome-wide approaches, the Davis lab explores how these abnormal genes function differently from the normal counterparts.


“We are working very hard in the laboratory to understand how differences in the structure of DNA causes cancer and to figure out how to counteract the oncogenes – cancer causing genes – that are responsible for the growth of certain types of sarcoma,” says Ian Davis, MD, PhD.


Through extensive collaborations across UNC-Chapel Hill, the Davis lab has identified significant epigenetic consequences of the genetic rearrangement associated with Ewing Sarcoma. The Davis lab hopes to identify novel therapeutic approaches through the development of strategies to explore and modulate these epigenetic factors in sarcomas.



Ian Davis, MD, PhD (left) and Joel Tepper, MD (right) discuss varying treatment approaches to soft tissue cancers, the complexity of soft tissue cancer care, clinical trials, and more.


"Many providers may not realize that adults with sarcomas that are more common in pediatric patients may be eligible for pediatric sarcoma clinical trials," says Dr. Juneko Grilley-Olson. "These studies provide patients with state of the art care and an opportunity to advance therapy for these rare cancers. In addition, these studies are typically linked to biological questions that enhance our understanding of these tumors." Dr. Grilley-Olson is a medical oncologist in UNC Lineberger's Bone and Soft Tissue Oncology Program.


Clinical Trials Currently Available

ADVL1221 A phase II study of Cixutumumab (IMC-A12, IND# 100947) in combination with Temsirolimus (IND# 61010) in Pediatrics Patients with Recurrent or Refractory Solid Tumors.The eligibility is ≤ 30 and includes virtually all sarcomas.


ARST0921 : A Randomized Phase II Trial of Bevacizumab (IND# 7921, Avastin) and Temsirolimus (IND# 61010, Torisel) in Combination with Intravenous Vinorelbine and Cyclophosphamide in Patients with Recurrent/Refractory Rhabdomyosarcoma.  Age limit: < 30 years old  (Phase II )


ARST0531 : Randomized Study of Vincristine, Dactinomycin and Cyclophosphamide (VAC) versus VAC Alternating with Vincristine and Irinotecan (VI) for Patients with Intermediate-Risk Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS). Age Limit: < 50 years old  (Phase III)


ARST08P1 : A Pilot Study to Evaluate Novel Agents (Temozolomide and Cixutumumab [IMC-A12, Anti-IGF-IR Monoclonal Antibody, IND #100947, NSC #742460]) in Combination with Intensive Multi-Agent Interval Compressed Therapy for Patients with High-Risk

Rhabdomyosarcoma.  Age Limit: < 50 years old  (Pilot)


AEWS1031 : A Phase III Randomized Trial of Adding Vincristine-Topotecan-Cyclophosphamide to Standard Chemotherapy in Initial Treatment of Non-metastatic Ewing Sarcoma.  Age Limit: < 50 years old  (Phase III)

For more information about clinical trials, email Ian Davis, MD, PhD or call him at 919-996-5360 or email Juneko Grilley-Olson, MD, or call her at 919-966-4431.


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For questions about all clinical trials at UNC (including those at UNC that are also offered at other sites), contact the UNC Lineberger protocol office at 919-966-4432 or (toll-free) 1-877-668-0683.


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