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Notice of Nucleic Acid Closing

Beginning Wednesday, March 9, 2017, the Tissue Culture Facility will no longer be accepting orders for nucleic acid synthesis. We have determined that there are multiple online companies that offer cost-efficient options for labs to purchase oligos. We would encourage your lab to investigate companies and choose the vendor that best suits your needs. Orders placed prior to March 9 must be picked up by March 16, 2017.

The Nucleic Acids Core Facility (NACF) provides investigators with low-cost, high-quality oligonucleotides for use in a

wide range of applications including DNA sequencing, PCR, cDNA/RNA synthesis, hybridization, in vitro mutagenesis and anti-sense inhibition of gene expression. Oligonucleotides are available at five synthesis scales ranging from 40 nmoles to 10 umoles. A wide range of custom synthesis scales are available, including RNA oligomers, phosphorthioate oligomers, degenerate oligos and labeling with biotin, fluorescein and many other compounds. All oligos are tested by gel electrophoresis to verify successful synthesis.

Oligonucleotides are provided deprotected and dried. Most users find that no purification is needed before use in PCR and manual DNA sequencing. The NACF provides custom purification services for users who require more highly purified synthetic nucleic acids.


Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Nucleic Acids Core Facility

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  • $0.17/base (25nmole, desalted)
  • $0.19/base (50nmole, desalted)
Fast turnaround and as always with the TCF free shipping

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Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Nucleic Acids Core Facility


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Oligos: $0.19/base (40nmole, desalted)

The NACF has teamed up with Sigma to provide our users (both LCCC members and non-members) with high quality and low price specialty oligos including Dual-labeled probes, RNA, siRNA and much more.

    Dual-Labeled probes: 1OD for $89.10 or 3 OD for $163.9 (price includes dual labels, HPLC purification and base charges, applying to 15-40 bases in length)

    siRNA: 2 OD for $115.5 or 5 OD for $192.5 (desalted)

    RNA: $1.93 per base (50 nmole)


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